How The Beauty Industry Is Lying To You!

Everyone is beautiful, but how often do you hear businesses in the beauty industry telling you that? Once in a blue moon maybe. Or maybe that makes it sound too regular, maybe it's more like once in a green moon. But we're here to tell you that you are beautiful and the sad truth is that huge swathes of the beauty industry profit from the lie that you aren't.

It's not just certain businesses in the beauty industry, really, because huge sections of the media also go to great lengths to create unrealistic expectations of others. When you see a person in an advert (or in a magazine, or on the television, or anywhere else), the creator of that piece of media will have first gone to great lengths to choose someone who looks very close to the societal ideal of beauty, then that person will have had a lot of make up applied and then they'll have been heavily airbrushed. What hope do we really have of looking like somebody who's been through all those stages? But that's how we're made to feel we should look.

Beauty Products for Beautiful People

Using make up won't make you beautiful (since you are already) but there are many other reasons that you might still like to buy and wear beauty products. Somebody who has a very body positive attitude and who is very comfortable with their appearance could use beauty products without being a huge hypocrite. So why else might somebody choose to use beauty products?

Well, for one thing, beauty products boast a lot of great health benefits. Do you suffer from irritating or painful skin conditions? There are products out there which might be able help ease that pain. But even if you don't have any skin issues, using things to make your skin as soft and nice to touch as possible is rewarding. It's lovely to run your fingers over your cheek, arm or leg and feel how velvety and soft your skin has become.

Plus, it's quite empowering to take full control over every aspect of your appearance: sure, you can choose what clothes to wear, but without good use of beauty products, you don't have much control over your skin or hair. When you use beauty products, you look the way you want – being in control like this will help you both to feel more confident and also to accept anything you my perceive as a 'flaw' in your appearance.

So don't be ashamed to buy beauty products. You're not giving in to pressures from bullying companies. Yes, everybody gets wrinkles, pimples, body fat and body hair and these aren't bad things! Beauty products, such as our own, can help you to become more comfortable in your own body and help you to see that even aspects of yourself which you may be self-conscious about (and which society might deem as ugly or negative) can be just as beautiful as any other part of you.